Frequently asked questions

Do you charge admission?

No, entry is free with or without membership. Note that the venues are commercial venture and the owners of the venues would appreciate it if you buy drinks and/or food and disallow items not sold by themselves from being consumed on the premises.

How do I become a member of Leeds Gaming

While membership is not required to attend our events, we do have a membership scheme. Membership of Leeds Gaming currently costs £2 each year and we'll provide you with a members card, this provides the following benefits:

  • 10% off on games at Leeds branch of Travelling Man (cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts such as Super Card Go offers)
  • Free plastic bags and elastic bands for your games at Sunday/Monday Leeds Gaming events (while stocks last)
  • Free promos (when we have them)
  • Inclusion on surveys to help guide the group's future.

PLEASE NOTE, membership is only available to those who have attended three or more times at one of our events (Sunday Gaming, Monday Night Gaming, Leeds Netrunner or Leeds Werewolves).

For the discount at Travelling Man to be valid you must attend one of our meetings once every quarter of a year and ensure we stamp your card.

Please ask at any of events for more details and to apply.

Do I need to know the rules to the games I play?

No, we're more than willing to teach the rules to games as we setup. Don't worry about not knowing the rules or making mistakes, we all have to pick them up sometime.

Are you child friendly?

This only applys to Sunday Games at the Victoria and does not apply to other events.

We have had children present at previous events. However you may want to consider the following before attending:

  1. The events are in a pub, if you're wary of your children seeing drunk people it may not be the best place
  2. The events are open to all, so expect people to swear and have adult conversations
  3. Is your child mature enough? Likely people will be playing game designed for ages 8 or above (think Ticket to Ride or similar).

What's the Etiquette?

  1. Please don't be a jerk. Any sort of sexist, racist, transphobic or other bad behaviour will likely lead to a ban.
  2. Treat other people's games with care, and let them know if anything happens.
  3. Use beer mats.
  4. While rules are being explained, try to pay attention and not to use your phone
  5. This is a public space not someone's house, so games like Cards against Humanity are not appropriate.

I'm colourblind, would I have trouble?

Most modern games do take colour-blindness into account, but unfortunatly some do have issues especially in the lighting in most British pubs. Colour blindness is quite well known in gaming groups, so if you have trouble with the colours in the game, let people know and we can help.

Do you have a safer spaces policy?

While we want to be inclusive to all and will try to step in if unacceptable language and behaviour occurs, these events are held in a pub, and so we cannot guarantee that the space is perfectly safe.

If a safer space is crucial to you, see Leeds Meeples which is held at Wharf Chambers and does have a safer space policy.

Can I playtest unpublished games?

Sure, let us know via Twitter or the Facebook group, and we'll try and make sure it gets played.

Where can I buy board games in Leeds?

There's a few shops, but the shop with the widest range of selection in Leeds itself is Travelling Man, LS1 6DE.